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We understand how unsettling the threat of an attack can feel. More importantly, we understand the long term damage that can be generated from such an attack. This is why we've put together a team of crisis management experts that know how to manage crisis quickly.

We've spent years successfully preventing attacks on our clients and helping others quickly regain peace of mind after a crisis hits.

Our time tested methodology and crisis management consultants combined with our unique relationships with journalists and TV producers ensure that crisis and potential threats of a crisis are handled quickly before they spiral out of control.

We not only help our clients quickly regain control of their story. we also help them build a presence that's even stronger than before the crisis hit.

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RISC™ Methodology Rapidly Resolves Your Crisis

Here’s how we’ll help you prevent or regain control during a crisis...

Rapid Investigation

We study the facts, assess the weight of your situation and determine the strategies and tactics required right now.

We proactively align to overcome all risk events then organized stakeholder and communication targets.

Strategic Problem Resolution
Macro optimum strategy and tactics are determined. Connection is made with all stakeholders to drive a solution while avoiding negative implications. Continuous communications across all invested team stakeholders are made to head and address all problems.
Counteract With Positive Messaging
A strategically designed core message is crafted and spokespeople are attained and trained to deliver a public statement. Outbound communications are driven across earned media, paid media, and social media. Messaging is assessed and updated as responsive and recovery communications are studied.

Our Clients See Results

Read a few case studies.


Over $1.5 million in new business

B2B SaaS firm
Headquarters: New York, New York

Market: B2B

Industry: Ecommerce

Situation: Market leader required a high attention launch of a new product line and ongoing thought leadership positioning for itself and its CEO to increase top of funnel leads and greater conversion.

Strategy: Aggressive launch and op-ed and feature pitches that were a mix of rapid response and thought leadership that showed our client as the authority backed with consistent proof points sent to the media.

Result: Massive media was secured during the launch and over 113 different media outlets covered. The aggressive thought leadership campaign resulting in over 175 million impressions in six months in outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and over three dozens earned media placements in industry and trade publications. The campaign experience an ROI over 535% over its lifetime to date.


Monthly ROI of 275% from national media placements

Fintech firm
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Market: B2B / B2C

Industry: Financial Services / Fintech

Situation: Fintech platform came to RMC to capitalize on opportunities they were missing because of lack of credible awareness and market leadership. They enlisted RMC to increase brand awareness and position them as the leader in fintech with clients and build trust with investors.

Strategy: In under 7 weeks, RMC drive multiple dialogues with top tier influential national media that included Fortune, Tech Crunch and many others. Our experts defined our client as a top thought leader in a crowded space and a must to leverage as an expert resource to provide journalists deep analysis on timely topics tied fintech and the current financial landscape. This led to many business profiles and rapid response placements and continues today with monthly opportunities being generated for the client.

Result: RMC delivered earned media placements in key media outlets like Fortune, USA TODAY, Tech Crunch, and many more that drove over 3 billion media impressions todate for our client. RMC’s efforts contributed to define the brand as a trusted resource with the media and investors. The company has achieved an average monthly ROI of 275%.

Our Crisis Management Experts Can Manage Your Crisis From Every Angle

Crisis Management

Eliminate Public Facing Threats

Reputation Management Consultants is Internationally known for our results in stormy and hyper-sensitive, high-stake scenarios. Our crisis management services range from external third party threats to the organization, the hacking of data, corporate governance, litigation support, recalls of products, business restructurings, Chapter 11 and more.

Reputation Management

Build and Grow Brand Trust on and offline with the Public, Clients and Stakeholders

Reputation management is not just our name. It’s in our DNA. We protect organizations and individuals under assault to stabilize their reputation and then restore it to a higher level than before the crisis. We enhance trust of organizations and individuals through transparent communication strategies with key members of the media, stakeholders, and customers.


Litigation Support

Manage Pre-Trial and Trial Publicity

We are strategic counsel to NYSE/NASDAQ firms & fast-growing startups, executives & private & public figures in business, entertainment, sports & politics involved in litigation, criminal & civil complaints, labor disagreements, defamatory situations, wrongful termination actions, & other delicate situations creating crisis level publicity.

Corporate Communications

Position Your Brand As the Most Trusted Market Leader with all Stakeholders

Our experienced team of corporate communication experts positions your brand as the trusted industry leader. We capture profile pieces in mainstream and industry media to ensure your brand is seen as the top expert in the most read stories each week.

Transactional Communications

Protect and Define Your Brand During High-Stakes Transactions.

We assist firms dealing with large-scale transactions to both protect their brand reputations and ensure they define themselves during a high impact transaction.


Financial Communications

Protect Investor Trust and Build Brand Equity with Investors and Analysts.

We protect and ensure your brand strategically manages difficult times in your firm's history and work to ensure the press views your brand in the proper way.

We’ve Been Entrusted To Manage the Crisis
Of The World’s Top-Brands and Individuals

Read what a few crisis management clients are saying...

“We’ve faced a catastrophic media storm and were near catatonic. Reputation Management Consultants strategic guidance and real time execution avoid what could have been the bullet in the heart of our business and instead it turned into a controlled and manageable process that to their expertise and care.”

– Kathy T.,
Chief Marketing Officer

“We’re grateful for the thoroughness, compassion and strategic wisdom Eric and your team brought to our organization. We turned around a damaging situation and its actually become a source of revenue. You are truly experts at what you do.”

– Stan D.,
Chief Financial Officer

“World class results when I must say I was skeptical that anything could be done given the arsenal of problems we faced with an ongoing agency investigation and the media ripping us..”

– Kenneth S.,
Director of Legal Affairs

Disclaimer: These results may or may not be typical and your results may vary depending on your website and your industry.

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75 Years Of Combined Crisis Management Expertise

We’ve represented some of the largest brands in the world. Our clients include NYSE/NASDAQ public companies, fast growing startups, executives and private individuals, and leading figures in business, entertainment, sports, and politics.

Our team consists of crisis management experts who were journalists and editors from reputable media outlets such as Fortune, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, Crain’s, etc. Our tight relationships are extremely valued with journalists and editors at the most important publications.

Our expertise is featured in global media outlets

RMC is an exclusive group

We control and build reputations better than anyone in the industry. This is our business, and we’ll back it up.


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