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As you likely experienced, even the best practitioners can have displeased patients, and no longer do these patients voice their criticisms in a letter or phone call. Instead they may write online reviews which can exact a toll on your practice. Today, the anonymity of the internet gives displeased patients an avenue to release their anger at the expense of your livelihood, publishing their online reviews for the whole world to see. Each review has the potential to likely be very negative, exaggerated, and many times written by competitors or their staff’s. What makes matters worse is that many physician reviews rest on a strong and authoritative domain that often shows up on the first page of search results for your company. And, it can cost you a serious amount of patient revenue, and the loss of real opportunities you could have secured.

Reputation Management Consultants has developed an array of powerful solutions that fully controls the influence and damage caused by medical reviews. We have helped physicians and doctors in similar situations for years; our extensive experience, technical expertise, and crisis management skills provide you an all-encompassing solution against reviews that works fast to clear, take control and then maintain your online reputation. When either you or your company are in an online public relations nightmare with an online review or more, you can rely on the experts at Reputation Management Consultants to quickly solve your problem with a comprehensive review removal two part system of suppressing them on the search engines under your name and the name of your practice, and controlling your own review sites, so that you take back control of your online reputation.

To learn how the experts at RMC can help you today with our two part solution, call us at 1-866-509-7367.

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