Simon C., Director of Marketing

“The difference you guys have made on our consumer review sites is night and day. We were in serious danger of shutting our doors as a result of these negative reviews, but turning to you at that time was clearly the right move.”

– Simon C.,
Director of Marketing

Jennifer L., Chief Marketing Officer

“Thank you for taking the time to explain your processes and to answer all of my questions and concerns in a thoughtful manner. We are extremely satisfied with your services and have no intention of leaving any time soon.”

– Jennifer L.,
Chief Marketing Officer

Robert B., Attorney-at-Law

“You’ve done a tremendous job with my firm’s online reputation. We’re receiving calls that are specifically mentioning the assets you created on our behalf. I wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to refer you to anyone in need of your services.”

– Robert B.,

Fred S., President and CEO

“Signing on with RMC has been a wise investment, indeed. From when we first signed on 18 months ago, our sales have nearly doubled. You’ve made sure the positives about our company are not buried on page 3.”

– Fred S.
President and CEO

Gloria G., Small Business Owner

“The difference your team has made on my inbound traffic cannot be overstated. Thank you VERY much!”

– Gloria G.,
Small Business Owner

Dr. Clifford C., Surgeon

“I wanted to let your team know how much I’ve appreciated their diligence and hard work on my campaign. I plan on continuing on for an additional year.”

– Dr. Clifford C.,